Ram Rachum - Python Workshops

Hi there! My name is Ram Rachum, and I'm a Python developer with ten years' experience. Here's my résumé, my GitHub profile, and a post about an educational project of mine. Here's a talk I've given at PyCon Israel 2019.

My day job is being a full-time Python programmer at BlueVine. I sometimes give Python workshops, in which I teach teams to program in Python. Sometimes I teach people who've never programmed before, and sometimes I teach experienced developers who'd like to improve their Python chops.

I know Python really well, and I like to teach.

When a client approaches me about doing Python training, we brainstorm about what kind of workshop they need, how many people will be involved, and what topics we'd like to cover. We make a plan for the workshop. Sometimes it could be two days, sometimes ten. I adjust the lesson plan to the level of experience of the participants.

When I give these workshops, I alternate between a frontal lecture, and letting the participants solve exercises while I help them with any problems.

I've given Python workshops at XtremIO, EMC, Taboola, Leadspace, Qualitest, Akamai and Pagaya.

I organize PyWeb-IL, a bi-monthly Python conference in Tel-Aviv.

Here are a few questions we'll need to answer when planning your Python workshop:

Feel free to contact me by email: ram@rachum.com